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TIP #1 - Agility and Preparation To Crunch This Downtime

During the economic downturn, there is a high degree of uncertainty about what will happen next in the context of quarantines, lockdowns, and social distancing. Businesses are having to act quickly and come up with new ideas that can serve customers who will mostly be in their homes. In India, and many other countries, high street retail is limited to essential businesses, but just because customers cannot physically come to you, it is no reason to pause digital marketing. 

First, people are looking to purchase hair clippers where they still want haircuts despite salons and barbers being closed. A shrewd salon owner could create content focusing on hair tutorials to answer any questions people have. The boost in SEO could have you find new customers and set up a better position for when you can return to a physical workplace. The other search terms are focusing on the entertainment, grocery, and DIY markets. Putting some time into generating content within that space might help to engage prospective customers. 

For any business, think about what customers in the industry might ask during a lockdown and how you can solve those problems. Answer The Public lets users enter a topic and return the questions that are currently being asked online.

Small Businesses

In the six months leading up to September 2020, 6 million Indians filed for unemployment insurance. The hospitality and construction industries have been hit particularly hard due to the nature of their work. Small businesses have suffered worse than most, whereby they don’t have the resources available to survive that the big corporations possess.

Most of the small bsuinesses updated their website with Covid-19 specific messaging, used local SEO to promote their services, and maintained positive content to keep engagement throughout difficult times.

The point here is that these small businesses are thinking fast and finding ways to reach new audiences and solve new consumer problems.

Big Brand Responses

Of course, big brands don’t have endless resources to cope with a loss of business. Many are having to try out new marketing ideas and campaigns to keep afloat in uncertain times. A couple of the best approaches are from KFC and Starbucks. Both of these put the health and safety of the customer first over the direct promotion of their products. The brands realised that customers are looking for reassurance and altered the context of their campaigns appropriately.

The KFC and Starbucks examples make use of Instagram for their campaigns. Having a presence on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter is pivotal to help businesses connect with customers and maintain relationships. 72% of consumers who follow influencers in the U.S. and U.K. say they are spending more time on social media since the outbreak and will continue to do so post-lockdown.

You get new ideas

With the involvement of a creative agency, you can actually brainstorm and come up with new and unique ideas to take your business forward.

First Point Creations, is one of the leading digital marketing agency in Delhi that can help you boost your business’s search engine rankings with organic strategies.

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