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TIP #2 - Social Media Is The Key To Compete

Customers are looking to engage with brands that do more than just sell. They want to connect and bond in meaningful ways, with social media giving brands the perfect platform to reach out to communities. 

Some strategies are proving to be successful during the pandemic and look set to continue for the foreseeable future. 

Sensitive And Empathetic

Indeed, customers don’t want to keep being reminded about Covid-19, but those who say nothing might come across as belligerent. It’s inappropriate to be humorous when it comes to the pandemic, but brands like Denny’s show how you can be positive, inspirational, and helpful. The graphic below shows how they have changed their typical digital marketing to a more applicable campaign while managing to stay true to the brand.

Be careful not to use insensitive words by mistake within your campaigns. For example, terms like “viral,” contagious,” or “spread” may have been entirely harmless twelve months ago but could break a brand today. 

Staying neutral

As a business, don’t use the pandemic to make the most out of a bad situation. For example, a mortgage broker saying to “take advantage of low-interest rates now” will be less successful than one who offers to help clients through the downturn in the economy. One way to think about it is by putting how you can contribute above how you might convert. The motive of any campaign must be to offer value to an audience.  

Audiences will be interested in the stance that your business is taking towards the pandemic. Always ensure you have a clear and consistent message regarding your response. 

Celebrity and business owner Kristin Cavallari explains why she is promoting her brand on Instagram, doing an excellent job of being understanding while adapting her digital marketing strategy. It is an excellent way to win business without coming across as overly opportunistic. 

At First Point Creations, we have great expertise in the area of social media. We use a wide array of different strategies across several mediums and we can help firms develop the strategies that will be best for them. This way, your firm can maximise its reach to your target market.

If you are looking for a trusted SMO Company in DelhiDigital Marketing Agency in India  & Social Media Optimization Company in Delhi to enhance your social presence including that of Instagram, Please feel free to call us +91 987-16-888-00 or email us at sales@firstpointcreations.com and we'll be more than happy to assist!