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TIP #3 - Let customers know how you are helping

Emails, signage, and social messages will help you tell your customers what you are doing to protect their health and safety if they can visit your store. Brands are sharing their cleaning, disinfecting, and hygiene protocols, amongst other messages that exemplify a positive and assuring response.

Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind

During the pandemic, even if consumers are not using your brand regularly, you still need to keep them aware of what you are doing. Keep promoting your core values and enforcing a personality so that you are not forgotten by the time lockdown is over. 


It would help if you found ways to connect with your customers like never before to show that you are empathetic towards their situation. Pizza Shop added online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery to their services.  As a restaurant that is set up for dining-in, this was a step away from their comfort zone to show empathy towards the situation. 

Gyms could offer online workouts, dentists can create virtual consultations, and grocery stores can follow the example of Sal’s by offering extended deliveries.

Continue To Connect

Make sure you post your activity on social media often, and get people thinking about your business. There could be many facets to this, such as responding to comments, joining groups, and following pages. Continue to reassure your customers through challenging times.

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