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Types of SEO: How They Impact Your Business

Congratulations! Your website is live.

What’s next?

How are you going to promote it?

Paid or Organic.

But there is one problem…

Paid services are going to cost you money. And that wouldn’t be a good idea when you have just started your company and have a limited marketing budget.

The solution is pretty simple…

SEO aka (Search Engine Optimization)

Everyone by now understands the power of SEO. It is the single most thing that helps your business to survive online.

In fact, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

If you have an online business, you need search engine optimization to stay visible and register your presence in the minds of an online audience. A good search engine optimization service by one of the best Search Engine Optimisation Company, you can skyrocket your online business by boosting your website’s rankings.

On the other hand, an unreliable SEO service can do more harm than good to your online business’s credibility, even lowering your website ranking in SERP.

If a business wishes to expand its global presence in today’s competitive world, then they need to hire a professional SEO company.

Before hiring an SEO agency make sure you know what types of SEO services they are providing.

There are both organic, non-organic, paid SEO techniques that SEO companies are offering to their clients.

You need to choose a Search Engine Optimisation Company in Delhi that is open to talk about everything you need to know about their search engine optimization service. If the company is a professional they would happy to answer all your questions.

Because most of the so-called expert SEO agencies use shady SEO techniques to rank a website that can lead to your website a Google Penalty.

Types of SEO Every Business Owner Needs to Know

There are at present 3 types of SEO methods and how they will impact your business in the short and long run.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

#1. White Hat SEO

It is one of the most popular and widely followed SEO techniques, White Hat SEO involves making use of effective methods and techniques that follow the protocol and guidelines defined by the search engines.

In fact, it is the organic achieving higher search engine ranking which does take a little time but gives you long-term and steady

Some of the popular white hat SEO techniques are content optimization with relevant keyword placement, HTML optimization, link building, site navigation, meta tag optimization, website optimization, etc.

#2. Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is like a sprint – you can’t go away with it. These type of SEO techniques are not at all in accordance with search engine guidelines especially Google.

In fact, Black hat SEO techniques take advantages of the weakness and loopholes in the algorithms of the search engines to get quick, short-term results.

Some of these black hat SEO techniques are keyword stuffing, link spamming, duplicate content, cloaking, hidden text, hidden link, doorway pages etc.

#3. Grey Hat SEO

These type of SEO services involve a combination of both white hat and black hat SEO techniques to acquire targeted goals. Some companies still use them because of pressure by clients to get quick results while others make it a habit to stay just under the radar to not cross the line of search engine guidelines.

Now, you know about all the 3 types of SEO techniques and how they can impact your business if you wish to achieve steady, long-term organic results then you need to go in for white SEO.

If you are looking for quick, short-term high webpage rankings then black hat SEO techniques will work best for you.

Furthermore, if you wish to follow the rules, but want a quick nudge in the right direction, then grey hat SEO techniques are your best bet.

But our advice to you would be to always follow the white hat SEO techniques as it would ensure long-term high search engine rankings without breaking any guidelines.

In short, it won’t do your business any harm in the long run and will only help boost its SE (Search Engine) rankings.

However, all these types of SEO techniques will work for you only if you hire a professional and experienced Digital marketing company who understands SEO guidelines in and out.

Other SEO firms might promise you quick results but you cannot be sure if they are pursuing good or black SEO techniques. What more they might end up blacklisting your business on search engines.

First Point Creations, is one of the leading digital marketing agency in Delhi that can help you boost your business’s search engine rankings with organic strategies.

If you are looking for a trusted Digital Marketing Company in DelhiDigital Marketing Agency in India  & Search Engine Optimizatin Company in Delhi to enhance your social presence including that of Instagram, Please feel free to call us +91 987-16-888-00 or email us at sales@firstpointcreations.com and we'll be more than happy to assist!